Event Booster

Get FREE water from us for a Consignment Sale

• You tell us how many units (24’s packs) you want. We sign a small contract/agreement for the day. No deposit or upfront fee required. We tell you the price per bottle of water or per 24 pack.

• You add you own mark-up price on it. Sell at your own mark-up price. After the event you bring back the unsold bottles of water or buy them if you wish. You only pay for the ones you have sold (consumption).

• YOU KEEP THE MARK-UP PROFIT YOU HAVE MADE FROM THE SOLD UNITS. (e.g if our price per bottle is R7, you sell at R12, R15, R20, etc) which ever price you wish to set, you keep the difference you have added.

• We market and promote your event on all out social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Facebook).

And FREE listing on THE GIG INVITE website.